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If you live in or near Nevada and are wanting to play  Powerball to try to win the  jackpot it is now possible.  It’s day one of Powerball Lottery sales in California which is the closest lotto retailer you can now buy Powerball Lottery Tickets at the Primm Valley Lotto retailer Store located just off Interstate 15 which is a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. This is the closest location for the Southern Nevada residents to purchase Powerball lottery tickets, allowing them a chance to win it big playing Powerball!

The Powerball Lottery is one of the biggest lottery games in the country, it has a tremendous amount of people participating each and every Powerball lottery draw. Powerball Lottery tickets are only $2.00 each which could allow California residents and Nevada residents to have their winning lottery chance at hitting the big Powerball jackpot.

Now that this lottery game is available many California and Nevada Powerball players will want to increase their chances to win this extremely large  Powerball lottery. The best and only way to increase your chances to win Powerball Lottery is with a proven lotto strategy. There is only a few serious top winning lotto systems that are winning these huge jackpot lottery games and you can see for yourself by the official best winning lotto systems in the world poll results, as to which systems real lottery winners are using.

2013 best winning lottery system results

best winning lottery system results


All research and even the poll results clearly show the main winning system for Powerball lottery game is Smart Play Lotto System, with Lotto Guy System the next best winning system. These systems are the highly recommended systems to use for not only increasing your chances to win Powerball, but also for Mega Millions, Superlotto Plus and Fantasy 5 lotto games. You can clearly see by the official poll results (click poll to enlarge photo) you only have a couple of successful top winning systems to choose from, so choose wisely it will save you time and money. Without the help of a lottery winning tool, which is a lottery system, your odds to win really suck! You need to increase your odds to win the best way you can, it is the only way!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Testimonials

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review The Truth

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

When playing the lottery you need to use smart lottery systems, as they are the true winning systems that win the lotto. Just like majority of lottery winners, you too must use a winning lotto strategy, if you want real lotto winning results. You need to pick your lotto system very wisely as many systems make big claims to win lotto, but do not deliver! Most lottery systems will do very little to help increase your lotto odds to actually hit winning lottery numbers. Smart Play lottery system is a well proven verified tested and proven lottery wheeling system that has shown over and over to help you hit winning lottery numbers, while keeping your playing costs down.
We have researched many types of lottery systems and we have found the Smart Play Lotto Wheel system highly recommended by many real lottery winners playing Pick 5 lotto games or Pick 6 lotto games such as Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, Ohio Lottery, California Lottery, UK Lotto, PA Lottery, Washington Lottery, Brazil Lottery, Lotto 649, Georgia Lottery, South African Lottery, Virginia Lottery, Wisconsin Lottery, New York Lottery and many others. The point is the system has a real proven winning track record world-wide.
The honest truth is most lottery systems will not do as they advertise, just false advertising to sell a silly system to make a fast buck. Did you know all lottery software prediction systems are basically the same thing? Simple lottery analysis, they all just give you most frequently drawn lotto numbers and not frequently drawn lotto numbers. This is not really a system and does not increase your odds to win at all. Plus, all the lottery statistics you are receiving from these lotto software systems are free online for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games, there simply is no need to buy useless software to get the same information free, so don’t be fooled!
Lottery wheeling systems are in fact one of the best types of systems to use to hit lottery winning numbers, but it MUST be a true verified, tested and proven system as Smart Play wheeling system or it just will not give good results. Good wheeling systems can allow you to hit multiple lotto number winning combinations for some serious lottery winnings, this is how you really win the lottery. Many lottery players like and highly recommend this smart play system as it really does work well and it’s very easy to use.  The top Lottery Systems Review Group also like the system which is a good very sign, plus has many very good real reviews, it is definitely a lottery winner!
Smart Play is really is a very intelligent Smart lottery wheeling system! Smart Play Lotto Wheels are simply the best tested and proven lotto wheels that have won actual lottery games world-wide and will give you the best winning results! This same system came in second place in the 2013 best winning lottery system poll results, this was out of 21 top lottery systems and you can see proof for yourself below:
2013 best winning lottery system results

2013 best winning lottery system results

We like and recommend the Smart Play Lotto Wheels as they are:
  • Very easy to use winning wheels.
  • Very cost-effective to use.
  • Is a realistic winning system with realistic win rates.
  • Low cost for top quality winning wheels
  • Can  be used for all pick 5 lotto and pick 6 lotto games worldwide.
  • Great for lotto players who want fast easy system to use.
All the legit lottery review sites say this wheeling system is top-notch and has a great winning track record, very highly recommended to use and we most definitely agree!
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