If you live in or near Nevada and are wanting to play  Powerball to try to win the  jackpot it is now possible.  It’s day one of Powerball Lottery sales in California which is the closest lotto retailer you can now buy Powerball Lottery Tickets at the Primm Valley Lotto retailer Store located just off Interstate 15 which is a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. This is the closest location for the Southern Nevada residents to purchase Powerball lottery tickets, allowing them a chance to win it big playing Powerball!

The Powerball Lottery is one of the biggest lottery games in the country, it has a tremendous amount of people participating each and every Powerball lottery draw. Powerball Lottery tickets are only $2.00 each which could allow California residents and Nevada residents to have their winning lottery chance at hitting the big Powerball jackpot.

Now that this lottery game is available many California and Nevada Powerball players will want to increase their chances to win this extremely large  Powerball lottery. The best and only way to increase your chances to win Powerball Lottery is with a proven lotto strategy. There is only a few serious top winning lotto systems that are winning these huge jackpot lottery games and you can see for yourself by the official best winning lotto systems in the world poll results, as to which systems real lottery winners are using.

2013 best winning lottery system results

best winning lottery system results


All research and even the poll results clearly show the main winning system for Powerball lottery game is Smart Play Lotto System, with Lotto Guy System the next best winning system. These systems are the highly recommended systems to use for not only increasing your chances to win Powerball, but also for Mega Millions, Superlotto Plus and Fantasy 5 lotto games. You can clearly see by the official poll results (click poll to enlarge photo) you only have a couple of successful top winning systems to choose from, so choose wisely it will save you time and money. Without the help of a lottery winning tool, which is a lottery system, your odds to win really suck! You need to increase your odds to win the best way you can, it is the only way!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Testimonials

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review The Truth

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

If you play the Pennsylvania lottery games you definitely need a winning numbers strategy if you want serious lotto results. Most lottery winners playing these Pa Lottery games as Match 6, PA Cash 5, PA Treasure Hunt, Pa Powerball and PA Mega Millions, do not use silly lotto strategies that are proven useless such as playing random lotto numbers or Horoscope lucky numbers. Most real PA Lottery winners use tested and proven real winning lotto systems, which is the smart play to increase your odds to win lotto.

If you look at the percentage of PA Lottery winners who won using random lottery numbers versus the winner who used verified tested and proven winning systems or lotto strategies,  it would be, PA Lottery Winners using random lotto numbers 10% and PA Lottery Winners who used a winning strategy 75% leaving 15% to other various strategies. Using a well proven system or lotto strategy is the smart way to play for sure. So the hard part now is finding a legit real winning system in a sea full of silly hyped-up nonsense systems. You cannot trust testimonials any longer as 90% of all lottery system give fake testimonials and are usually full of false advertising. It could cost a fortune testing out each system until finding a good one, plus it takes time to test each system usually 60-90 days to really see what it can do.

Here is where we can help you find legit real winning systems for your Pa Lottery games. In early 2013 there was a best winning lottery system poll taken which clearly shows which system real lottery winners are using to win lotto games. These are the systems you should be using as well to obtain real winning success! Take a look at the poll below pick one of the top winning systems to use and stick with it.


2013 best winning lottery system results

best winning lottery system results

Top first place winning lotto system Lotto Guy Lottery System read more Lotto Guy Lottery System

Top second place winning lotto system Smart Play Lotto Wheels read more Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Third place winning system Smart Luck, just Google to find if wanting to use.


You now have a must better game plan to see real lottery winning numbers playing your PA Lottery games, it is all in the strategy you use, just like using the proper tools for the job. It is a solid fact! Powerful winning lottery system are the way to go and with the lottery jackpots on the increase, why waste your time and money on any lesser strategy.

You can also do some research on your own if you wish, look at what the top lottery system review sites say about each system Lottery Systems Review Group , Lottery System Reviews, and so on!


Lottery – Lotto Guy Lottery System

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is No Joke

When playing the lottery you need to use smart lottery systems, as they are the true winning systems that win the lotto. Just like majority of lottery winners, you too must use a winning lotto strategy, if you want real lotto winning results. You need to pick your lotto system very wisely as many systems make big claims to win lotto, but do not deliver! Most lottery systems will do very little to help increase your lotto odds to actually hit winning lottery numbers. Smart Play lottery system is a well proven verified tested and proven lottery wheeling system that has shown over and over to help you hit winning lottery numbers, while keeping your playing costs down.
We have researched many types of lottery systems and we have found the Smart Play Lotto Wheel system highly recommended by many real lottery winners playing Pick 5 lotto games or Pick 6 lotto games such as Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, Ohio Lottery, California Lottery, UK Lotto, PA Lottery, Washington Lottery, Brazil Lottery, Lotto 649, Georgia Lottery, South African Lottery, Virginia Lottery, Wisconsin Lottery, New York Lottery and many others. The point is the system has a real proven winning track record world-wide.
The honest truth is most lottery systems will not do as they advertise, just false advertising to sell a silly system to make a fast buck. Did you know all lottery software prediction systems are basically the same thing? Simple lottery analysis, they all just give you most frequently drawn lotto numbers and not frequently drawn lotto numbers. This is not really a system and does not increase your odds to win at all. Plus, all the lottery statistics you are receiving from these lotto software systems are free online for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games, there simply is no need to buy useless software to get the same information free, so don’t be fooled!
Lottery wheeling systems are in fact one of the best types of systems to use to hit lottery winning numbers, but it MUST be a true verified, tested and proven system as Smart Play wheeling system or it just will not give good results. Good wheeling systems can allow you to hit multiple lotto number winning combinations for some serious lottery winnings, this is how you really win the lottery. Many lottery players like and highly recommend this smart play system as it really does work well and it’s very easy to use.  The top Lottery Systems Review Group also like the system which is a good very sign, plus has many very good real reviews, it is definitely a lottery winner!
Smart Play is really is a very intelligent Smart lottery wheeling system! Smart Play Lotto Wheels are simply the best tested and proven lotto wheels that have won actual lottery games world-wide and will give you the best winning results! This same system came in second place in the 2013 best winning lottery system poll results, this was out of 21 top lottery systems and you can see proof for yourself below:
2013 best winning lottery system results

2013 best winning lottery system results

We like and recommend the Smart Play Lotto Wheels as they are:
  • Very easy to use winning wheels.
  • Very cost-effective to use.
  • Is a realistic winning system with realistic win rates.
  • Low cost for top quality winning wheels
  • Can  be used for all pick 5 lotto and pick 6 lotto games worldwide.
  • Great for lotto players who want fast easy system to use.
All the legit lottery review sites say this wheeling system is top-notch and has a great winning track record, very highly recommended to use and we most definitely agree!
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Winning Ohio lottery games as Classic Lotto, Rolling Cash 5, Powerball or Mega Millions is hard to do, learn how today! How many times have you ever won the lottery? According to lotto winners statistics, few people out of the millions who play the lottery ever actually win the big lotto jackpot, or even a smaller lottery winner. So how do the real lottery winners win lotto games? Most real lottery winners use lotto strategy that is working well for that particular lotto game. It is time for you to learn to play the Ohio Lottery using an effective proven successful lotto strategy for the Ohio lottery games, unless of course you do not want to succeed!

To win the Ohio Lottery games is all about the strategy you choose to try and win the lottery, this is a major factor of how much real winning success you will actually have at winning the lotto. You must forget about luck, you must use the right strategy that has a Proven winning track record for  winning the lotto games you are playing. Did you know there was a best winning lottery system poll taken to see which lottery systems actually have won the most lottery games for lottery players worldwide? This poll is solid proof in showing us real proof of which lottery system really gives winning results! Far to many lottery systems give outrageous guarantees or ridiculous win rates that are simply B.S, some even as high as 96% to 98% to even a total lie 100% win rate, but as we have seen over and over again, these types of lies or false advertising is by shady marketers, just trying to sell a useless lottery system. The best verified Tested and Proven lottery system that won the 2012 and the 2013 best lottery system poll vote, was in fact the Lotto Guy Lottery System and remember this was out of the 15 top-selling lottery systems (first poll) and 21 top-selling systems (second poll).You simply could not ask for better real PROOF of a solid winning lottery system, which just happens to be one the best winning system for the Ohio Lottery as well.

Lottery system poll

2012 best winning lottery system


The above is a screen shot of the actual winning 2012 official poll results. You can see the Lotto Guy Lottery system really does deliver results and gives you winning lottery numbers as it was voted as the best winning system! Photos and testimonials, winning tickets photos, bogus selling scenarios etc are all mostly faked, but not polls results, you can only vote once per IP address and email address. As you can see the Lotto Guy System won taking 83% of the winning votes, which is now why it is the worlds best lottery system. Now take a look at the latest 2013 best winning lottery system poll results below: (Click to enlarge)

2013 best winning lottery system results

best winning lottery system results


As you can clearly see the top voted winning system was the Lotto Guy System again. Two years in a row this system has proved to be the best in the world for winning all pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lotto games and more importantly is highly recommended for the Ohio Lottery games as well! This system is the one you want to use to increase your lotto odds to win! Stop wasting your money and time on silly hyped up useless systems or silly strategies that win nothing, use only real proven winning systems to attain real lottery winning results!

Ohio lottery players who are using this tested and proven superior Lotto Guy Lottery system are reporting about a 75 percent win rate for lotto games as Classic Lotto, Powerball and Rolling Cash 5. You must use the best system to get the best Ohio Lottery winning numbers results!

Is Lotto Guy Lottery System Real Winning Software

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Becoming a millionaire is no small feat but one sure-fire way is to win the lotto. Read on and find out how in our Win The Lotto guide to become a millionaire.  Many people try to invent things or ideas to make their millions, but this takes time, money and a lot of luck.  Instead of inventing the next great time-saving electronic device or car washing accessory, try using a tested and proven lottery system and make your dreams of becoming a millionaire a reality.

You may play the lottery already and are wondering why you haven’t been the lucky one to win. Winning a state lottery is not an easy thing to do, and quick picks lotto tickets rarely win large jackpots.  The odds just aren’t in your favour if you aren’t using a strategy to increase your chances to win the lottery, so why not be ‘smart’ about it and use a strategy that real winners use instead of sheer luck alone. They say you have a better chance of being hit by lightning twice in the same day than winning a lottery, however, it you walked around on a golf course with a lightning rod strapped to you in a thunderstorm, you will have increased your odds considerably in achieving that goal.  Considering it wouldn’t be smart to do that, I won’t advise you to do that but I will advise you to use the same sort of thinking and draw the winning lottery numbers to you by using the right tools and thought process.  You too can win that evasive jackpot of the next Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto 649, Florida Lottery, Texas Lottery California Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, UK Lottery, Australian Lottery, and so on. You must however actually play the lottery to win the lottery!

Here is your proverbial “lightning rod” to draw the lottery winning numbers to you!

You’ll only need one item, a lottery system, but it must be a good solid reputable winning system. Lottery systems are divining rods of the jackpot world, they are techniques, strategies, charts or lotto software that expand your capacity to choose more accurate winning lottery numbers and win more often. The system that has the highest lotto game winning track record across the board is Smart Play Lotto Wheels.  Smart Play is an assembly of lottery wheels that uses your own selected numbers and overlaps them into different permutations. These wheels have been devised using a lottery winning design or patterns that have surfaced time and time again and combinations mathematically sequenced all combined into one easy to use very effective system. This system doesn’t take a lot of work, the lottery wheels do all the work for you and you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to understand how to use it.  Smart Play Lotto Wheels will guide you to the strike of the jackpot, the proverbial lightning bolt as it were.  As you are waiting for that lightning bolt to hit, along the way your chances of winning the smaller and medium amounts increase substantially.  Isn’t it nice to be a consistent winner?  Your local retailer will begin to ask you “What’s your secret?” as you cash in all the time (This actually happened).  The thing Smart Play Lotto Wheels does better than any other system is not only does it increase your odds to win the jackpot but significantly brings you success in the small and medium tier prizes frequently. As you’ll see, the winning numbers are throughout your ticket in different combinations, thereby winning different amounts and more times.

As with thunderstorms, the lottery is on every continent of the world and no matter if you have an umbrella or not, the storm or that night’s draw will happen, with or without you.  So go dance in the rain and get your barrel ready for all the winnings that you’re now ready to achieve.   Being struck by lightning is possible and so is your chance of winning the lottery using the best lightning rod of the lottery world….. Smart Play Lotto Wheels!

Here is proof that real winners are using this system for winning the lottery. Take note, all the other systems have been around far longer than Smart play and Smart Play is already the second best winning system in the entire world and is easy to use!

best winning lottery system official poll results!


You can see by the poll results the Smart Play Wheeling System was second best voted on system and this system has only just started to be recognized as serious winning system. We recommend all who play pick 5 or pick 6 lotto games who want an easy no fuse system that real winners are using to check out this winning system it’s really a no brainer!

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If you play the Wisconsin Lottery, you will know how hard it is to find real Wisconsin Lottery Winning Strategies. The best Wisconsin lottery games for winning big are as follows, Wisconsin Powerball, Wisconsin Mega Millions, Wisconsin Mega Bucks, Wisconsin Badger 5 and Wisconsin Supercash. These lotto games are the main ones to play and only one of these lotto games is a pick 6 lotto game (Mega Bucks) so if you were going to start off with a good winning strategy, you really should play one of the pick 5 lotto games such as Badger 5 as will have much better odds to win than a pick 6 lotto game as Mega Bucks.

This is your starting point on how to win more playing the lottery, strategy is everything and it’s strategy that real lottery winners use to win lotto frequently! Now you need to move up a level and forget about using plain old random lottery numbers, or Horoscope numbers and so on. These strategies are very poor and will result in giving you very few winning lottery numbers. This is the main reason most or 75% of all people who play the lottery games do not fair well at all, they simply use the wrong strategy and never attempt to change it, therefore poor lotto winning results continue.

The next level to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to use a well design system. This in its self can be very confusing as many systems make big claims to the lottery for you, but of course never deliver. You simply cannot just jump from lottery system to lottery system you must find a good one and stick with it. It’s also sad to see many systems are actually fake, just made up scenarios of being developed by a math genius or whatever who claims to have made millions with his or her’s system and usually shows a bunch of testimonials or photos of winning lottery cheques that always turn out to be fakes! So how do you find real winning lottery systems? The answer is use what real lottery winners are using. There was a best winning lottery system poll done it reveals the truth on which systems real winners are using to win lotto games.

The good thing about finding a winning lotto system by poll results is poll do not lie! As you can see the two top winning systems were Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play System. These are the systems most voted on as they have the very best winning track records for winning lottery games the world over. If lottery winners are using these systems, it would be a wise choice for you to use the same systems.

This is also very good news for all you Wisconsin Lottery players as when checked into we found that these two same winning systems were also do well for Wisconsin Powerball, Wisconsin Mega Millions, Wisconsin Mega Bucks, Wisconsin Badger 5 and Wisconsin Supercash. We also noticed that the better winning system for Mega Millions and Powerball was the Smart Play System, if that helps you out in your decision as to which system to use.

The main point is, if you are serious about winning the lottery, you need to use the best strategy you can, makes sense right? You now have real Wisconsin Lottery Winning Strategies you can try!

You can find these winning systems at their main websites Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels.


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